Friday, May 09, 2008


This is from an email I just wrote to a friend of mine, but it says it all really, so I'm not going to re-type it for the blog, just copy and paste. Sorry, just that means I can have more sleep time!

Well I just got back from the doctors. I was that annoying person that spends 45 minutes with the doctor, in what was meant to be a 10 minute slot, so got some lovely dirty looks from people as I came out!

Well, basically, we're not really any further forward with it all yet, but we're taking steps to get
more information -

The chest x-ray results came back, and although they showed something, they were fairly inconclusive. The doctor is sending me for a CT scan and an MRI to try to get a clearer picture of what's going on in there. So for those he sends off the referrals, and they'll contact me to make an appointment. So prayers that they come through quickly would be great.

He listened to my chest and lungs again and didn't look too happy - there's still freaky stuff going on it there, but we'll have to wait for further test results.

He's given me a 5th course of antibiotics (10 days worth this time), and told me to start it on Monday (cos i only finished the last lot yesterday). We don't have much hope of them doing anything, but it's just another stab at whatever it is that's taken over my lungs!

I talked to him about the depression and tiredness and mouth ulcers, and although we didn't exactly come up with any answers, it was just good to feel like he's on my side, and we will get this sorted out, eventually! It's the third time I've seen him since it all started (I saw him when i first got back and was having all those problems with my ears popping) so i feel like he knows me and knows my situation, even if we don't have a clue what the problem is!

Um, he's also given me a referral to the chest and respiratory unit at the hospital. Well, with this new 'patient choose and book system' he's actually given me a couple of different places, and i have to pick one and ring them on Monday to make an appointment. But anyway, that might be another person to bring some light on the situation, so pray for a quick referral there too.

That's it really. Mentally I think I'm doing ok today. I'm at a point where I know that I want to fight this, I want to LIVE and not just exist and drift. I'm still totally shattered, and could easily go back to bed. In fact I may do just that. But it feels like there's potential for light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, I talked to the doctor about the possibility of it being glandular fever, but we're going to put that theory on the back burner for the moment. Because although I am fatigued and getting depressed, the other symptoms don't really fit. We'll wait for other test results to come back before we try that road!


Kathleen said...

Thinking of you and hoping the light gets brighter. You know. That one at the end of the tunnel.

Jeana said...

Debs, are you taking any vitamins?

It's very normal to feel tired, breathless, and depressed when you are not getting enough oxygen.

Ulcers could be from you being so run down, but also you might switch toothpaste. Lots of people are allergic to the sudsing agent--usually sodium lauryl sulfate. My daughter used to get those all the time and since we switched her toothpaste she rarely gets them.

I knot it's hard, but try to stop stressing about it, let yourself rest, and don't get frustrated with yourself. God often uses these times to teach me something, so watch for that too.

Hope you feel better soon!