Sunday, May 25, 2008

Google Referrals

If I got paid for every person that arrives at my site searching either for the lyrics of a particular Bugsy Malone song, or wondering 'how to put on a duvet' I would be a very rich blogger. However, I had this referral on Friday which I would like to answer personally.

They said "what happens if you miss the eurovision song contest tomorrow?"

I say "I would like to suggest that the world will not end if this tragic event does (did) come to pass."
Unfortunately I did not live-blog the events of this year's contest, but if I might be so forward as to suggest you might be able to satisfy your cravings by reading a blow by blow account of last year's contest. These can be found in my May 2007 archives.

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Kathleen said...

I prefer blogging as random, anyhow. I mean, it's too hard to keep track of stuff on one.

And I meant to tell you, the Aqua song was absolutely in my head when I wrote that post!