Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things you might not know about me

1. I am quite a noisy sleeper. I may grind my teeth, talk, toss and turn or even sleepwalk. It's quite a good excuse to use for getting your own room though - In the past when we've gone on family holidays I've often got to have a room on my own while HP and Bekki shared because neither of them wanted to share with me!

2. I cannot get to sleep if there is a ticking clock in the room. For some people it's a comfort, but for me it's sheer torture, I lie there waiting for the next tick to come.

3. I don't eat fish. I don't know if it's an actual food allergy or just psychological, but I just can't eat it. There's a particular stir-fry my parents like which has fish sauce in it, and I even hate the smell of it, as a consequence they usually only eat it when I'm out! HP loves tuna, and one of the family traditions used to be that my Dad would cook on a Saturday night and he'd made tuna risotto, but I never ate that either. I have a vague feeling that my dislike maybe connected to a time that I was ill already and my Mum cooked fish, and I now associate the two, but who knows. My Mum says I've never really liked eating fish, even from when I was little.

4. My favourite colour is purple. Actually, I'm sure you all must know that by now, but in case you don't! I'm very proud of how little time it seems to take the children I look after (babysitting, child-minding, in school, at church etc) to work that one out. Although the purple car\fleece\trousers etc may help. The last time I looked after The Little One I taught him all about the colour purple, and now instead of just spotting "Debbie's car" every time he sees a similar modal\size to mine, he can say "Debbie's purple car" :-)

5. I don't like butter or margarine in my sandwiches, or mayonnaise for that matter. In fact, I've given up ever eating a shop-bought sandwich because it's nigh on impossible to find a sandwich without mayonnaise, and if it doesn't have mayo then it has salsa or yoghurt or something else equally yucky in.

(Bonus picture of the alien in B and J's kitchen)


blest said...

Good to know about the fish!!

HUGS to you!

Brandi said...

It's fun getting to know you :-)

I used to walk and talk and grind my teeth in my sleep. Now I just grind my teeth and occasionally talk.

Debbie said...

I'm there w/ you on the ticking clocks. That drives me CRAZY!

I had never heard of people putting butter or margarine in their sandwiches until I went to England for the first time almost 4 years ago. It's still strange to me. But I love mayo and have to have it in my sandwich. Otherwise I feel it's too dry.