Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days, we've been really busy and I was all set to do it last night, but in the end I crashed out and was asleep before 8pm! Don't know if it was just the busy day, or that now my body had got used to this timezone it wanted to try and catch up on some of the sleep it didn't get when it tried to wake me up in the middle of the night because it thought it was the middle of the day. That last sentence made sense to me, but probably no one else, but never mind!

Today is Thanksgiving and I am thankful that I get to experience it firsthand with blest and her family. (Hey, did I ever gloat over the fact I know her real name? Well, I do, so there! Actually it's really hard because I still haven't quite figured out whether to call her blest or ___.

We've had a lovely day so far. We will be eating our Thanksgiving dinner this evening, so I can't tell you all about that yet, but we have done lots of fun stuff. Blest found some cool activity sheets on the internet where the two oldest got to pick words to fill in the missing gaps in a story and they just loved doing that. See here because I'm not explaining it so well.

After that we each had a sheet of paper with the phrase "I'm thankful for..." at the top and blest got out her huge box of stickers. They're all ones that she has for scrapbooking, but she said that since she probably wouldn't be doing any of that for a while (with her business and all) so we could use them. We stuck on stickers to represent all the things we are thankful for, and then each person got to show everybody and explain what each sticker stood for. The boys were so cute when they got up to show their posters, especially the youngest who said "I'm so thank-you for ...".

This afternoon blest and I played a game of scrabble, which she won (of course!), but it was a good game. Now the boys are watching Hook on DVD, blest is getting the turkey ready to go in the oven, and I am blogging and catching up with emails. (Or I will be once the internet signal comes back)

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