Sunday, November 18, 2007

Shopping the American Way

Ok, so yesterday I got to have the Walmart experience (oh my, it is so so so big) and today we've been to Lane Bryant, Kohls, Goodwill, and, of course, Starbucks.

Going to Walmart was the whole four kids deal, and certainly an experience. Today Danny watched the kids and Blest and I got to escape for the afternoon. I got to see the two places Blest has her jewelery for sale, and we got to do some shopping for ourselves.

Goodwill was also really big. The layout really reminded me of TK Max at home, with huge long rails which were divided up into different types of clothes. We headed for the jeans row and started rummaging. They weren't arranged by size, so you do just have to look at everything, and also we weren't sure what my American size would be (come to think of it, at the moment I don't really know what my UK size is right now). We found about 4 pairs for me to try, and some stuff for Blest too. There was one pair I tried which were the right size round, but just didn't really do it lengthwise since they stopped right on the knee. They gave us a good laugh though. I found a pair of jeans that fitted around my middle, and were also a brilliant length for me. Then we went back out and had a look at books (well you can't leave a charity shop without looking at the books, right?) and then had a quick look at the skirts and found a one, which I tried on and it fitted beautifully. Blest told me we had to get it, and you can't argue with that.

Lane Bryant was really fun. We went round the whole store picking up a whole load of stuff (and in particular anything that was purple, and then once we had a huge pile I took it all to the changing room. I gave Blest my camera and we had a little fashion show...

This is the pyjama top (I liked it, but it just reminded me a little bit too much of pyjamas! In fact looking at the photo I think I like it better here than I did when I was wearing it!)

This is the lampshade top. I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but it had these tassells on the sleeves that just reminded me of the sort you find hanging from lampshades! This is the dress Blest picked out, forgetting that I'm a little bit taller than her. First time I put it on was without the trousers (don't make me call them pants!), but then I put the trousers on so that we could take a photo.

This was our favourite, and in fact the things we actually bought. I fell in love with the trousers the moment I put them on, and I love the top too.

We also found another top and got that too, but we didn't take any pictures of that one.
While all this was going on there were a couple of Spanish ladies sitting out with Blest (I think they were waiting for someone in one of the other changing rooms, although I never actually saw that person!) They were really funny and kept making remarks in Spanish, which unfortunately we had no hope of understanding, but they seemed pretty excited by the outfit we bought, so we took that as a good sign :-)

This evening Blest has made me a necklace to go with the top, and I'm gonna wear it tomorrow. hopefully we'll take some pictures of me and Blest together and will probably post them on one weigh or another at some point in the near future.


blest said...

And in that final picture- which was actually the first outfit and the first picture, she had just locked herself out of the fitting room. Hee hee hee...

Elly said...

What fun you had. sounds as if Texas has more choices of things that might fit you.

Mrs Wibbs said...

You look amazing!!
What fun you must be having :o)

Leann said...

Love it! ...just for the record, not everyone has the gift of shopping like Blest!!! LOL Cannot wait to meet you... :)