Wednesday, November 07, 2007


As I count down the days to leaving these shores and continue to break the news to people that "we've finally sorted it out, and yes, it really is that soon" I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness that people around me are showing me. I have some amazing friends and family who I am going to really miss while I'm gone, and I am very privileged to know that while I am away they'll be thinking of me, praying for me and following my adventures by reading my blog and my status changes on facebook. Thanks everyone who has wished me well on this journey, I am so blessed to be known and loved by you.

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Debbie said...'s great that you have such loving and supportive friends and family!

I know that moving to a completely different country and culture can be hard, but trust that God is with you and He who has called you is faithful -- faithful to comfort you when you're homesick and lonely, faithful to provide for your every need, faithful to fill you with peace and give you the time to get everything done.

I'll pray that you have closure as you continue to say goodbye and that you have peace as you tie off your loose ends!

I know when I'm in the same position next year I'll need all the prayer I can get!