Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ready, Steady, Go

My flights are booked and I'm going to Texas on the 15th November. Yes that is only 11 days away. Oh my goodness all the things that need to be done between then and now. The list lover in me is working overtime!


Debbie said...

That's so exciting! I hope you enjoy your time here in Texas as I have loved every visit I've made to England. I've been "planning" for the past 3 years to move over there. I say that a bit sheepishly because I've mostly talked about it and haven't made any actions towards it. But I think (I pray) next year is my year!

The King and I said...

You are so going to have a great time. The flight will be exciting, drink plenty and take lots of distractions. Texas will be an amazing experience, and awesome that you will be back in time for our wedding. See you before you go, but enjoy the prep. Tonnes of love xxx

The King and I said...

PS. I will miss u :(