Friday, November 23, 2007

Potatoes and Tomatoes

I just had my first real shopping experience and it was bad. Blest and I are watching one of the stores where she sells her stuff (the owner is off on a birthday trip so we're helping out for the day). The problem is that we managed to forget to bring any water with us and there was only one bottle in the back of the truck. Blest has been drinking coffee, but was ready for some water so she sent me out to the restaurant opposite to buy her a bottle of water. This I did, but I discovered two things
1. They really do talk a different language. I had to say 'water' three times before they knew what I was asking for.
2. I need a lesson in American coins. I had two dollar bills and some coins, but when the woman said $2.43 I realised I had no idea if what I held in my hand was enough. After a split second panic I just got out my purse and found another dollar bill, it was less embarrassing than asking how much I had in my hand!


HP said...

Ahh bless you my sister bear. With practice you will learn. You'll have to be like children with play money to practice!!!

Debbie said...

If you're interested, I teach kids about money & have some songs I can pass along that will help you learn. ;) Just kidding!!! You'll get it as long as you keep practicing!

I had the same problem w/ British money. Finally, after my fourth visit I got it down. When I was there this summer I realized I could count out the money a lot faster and used mostly coins instead of always giving bills or one pound coins. I also learned to play the silly, ignorant American card and it was rather endearing to most everyone I encountered. So by the end of my time people didn't even know I was American and were shocked by my accent. That was fun too!

Kathleen said...

It takes time, but you'll get the hang of it!