Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm back, but who knows for how long

Our internet at home is still playing up, so this is being written during the wonderful moment of the day known as naptime. We've had a lovely if tiring day so far, so although I could quite happily curl up and you to sleep myself, I'm making the most of J having a rest to type a quick post.

Yesterday afternoon HP and I had a wander down Walthamstow market and found a great new purple rucksack for me (which we weren't exactly looking for, but just jumped out at us saying 'buy me, buy me now'), and a whole bunch of ribbon. We found a market stall which had little bundles, which are about 3metres long, which were 40p a go. We spent ages looking at all the different colours and widths and making our choice, finally settling on 10. I gave them to the guy running the stall to put them in a bag, and he told us for the same amount of money he'd let us have another 3, so we had to make all our decisions all over again!

In the evening I went to Little One's house to have dinner with his parents. We had a lovely meal and then him Mum and I popped out round the corner to the house of some friends of ours who had invited us round to have a go in the hot tub in their garden. It was a great way to spend an evening, just chilling out together. I think at one point we actually got 11 of us in there at once! If you ever get a chance to spend an evening in a hot tub, take it I'd say! HP (who was also there) took a couple of photos, so I might be able to put some up at some point, we'll see!


Kathleen said...

Hot Tub! Hot Tub! I love hot tubs! I couldn't go in one right now, even if I had a swimsuit and knew where to find a hot tub, but I agree, Hot Tubs are wonderful. So are saunas.

Pig wot flies said...

Wow, who's got a hot tub?

What are you going to do with all that ribbon?