Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do you know the way to San Jose?

No, but I do know that someone from San Jose read my blog, or at least surfed in whilst search for the words of a particular song. With reference to that post, it has quite a comment following (I think we're up to 10 now, with countless others checking in and not commenting. You may not comment, but the sitemeter tells me people, so next time you come over from Google be courteous and say hi.) I think I'm providing a service to the whole world wide web by leaving that post up. Every so often I get freaked out by sheer numbers of visitors to my blog (well, that post) and consider taking it down, but what would the people do then, huh? Anyway, the point I was trying to make when I distracted myself, was that some kind person has left a comment telling everyone what the chords are. So go check out the post if you always wanted to pay that song but never quite knew how. Better still, if you wanted to play that song. You could always pay me instead.

Still not totally sure why or what I'm blogging, just know that I want to do it. Hey, maybe this post will beat my record for self-referring links, not that I know what that record is, or that I particularly want to beat a record that I may or may not own already, I just thought that would be something to say.

I don't like how big the font is on this blog. Maybe I should investigate learning how to fiddle with things like that, although it took me several weeks to adjust my mental picture of how different blogs fit together in the jigsaw that is bloggyville when both Bekki and Kathleen moved their sidebars over to the other side of their templates. So maybe I am best sticking with what I've got. Does anyone else have that sort of mental picture about where blogs are and how you get to them? For me it's like doors I suppose, so if the door is moved from the right hand side of the screen to the left it makes the location of that blog move. Ok, so it's probably just me then. I think it's to do with the way I think. I'm good at remembering where something is if I've seen it, or just where in the box\boot of the car I've packed something. In the same way I remembered a certain blog to be in a particular place relative to other blogs, so if it's moved it confuses me. (No worries Bekki and Kathleen, I've got used to it now, but just took me a while! Maybe give me some warning if you're gonna do something like that again!)

Hmm, this post was going to be about the cool things I get to do when I walk B to and from school, but other things came out of my fingertips instead. Must get the connection between brain, fingers and keyboard checked again because I think there's a malfunction.
Maybe I'll post those thoughts tomorrow.
Oh also, will put up holiday pictures soon, just am posting this while J naps (at his house not mine, therefore my holiday pictures not available).

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Dotun said...

whao so you are going to Texas........great.