Monday, September 10, 2007

The big to-do list

I'm sure as I lay in bed last night before I fell asleep that I thought of man ythings that needed to be done this week. Since already I can't remember half of those things I decided I needed a list, and since I ought to have written the list and got out already, I thought I might as well make it a blog post too! That was I can have the fun of ticking it off later, although I don't think you can do that crossed out writing trick on blogger like you can on other types of blog.
Anyway, it's my tackle it Tuesday, but on Monday.

* Pay money in at the bank
* Post two parcels. Actually they're large letters - it pays to know your classifications in the UK postal system, as large letters cost less than parcels.
* Buy a diary
* Start looking for clothes to spend my tokens on (leaving present from school people)
* Buy petrol
* Do my tax return
* Go plum picking (possibly on Wednesday with HP)
* File packing slips from books sold
* Washing line (bringing in dry stuff, hanging out wet stuff..)

Hmm, sure there was more stuff, but that's certainly enough to be getting on with.

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