Monday, September 10, 2007

The big done list

* Brought in the dry washing and hung the next load out on the line.
* Paid money in at the bank.
* Posted 2 'large letters'
* Bought a purple diary at the 99p store for, you've guessed it, 99p. Bargain I'd say.
* Didn't start looking for clothes, but did go into the newly renovated library (well, it was done a while back, but it was my first time in there) and learnt how to use the self issuing machines.
* Arranged to meet up with a long standing friend Joy-banana who is in London for one week only (makes her sound like some West End show!) before moving to Derby. We're meeting up tomorrow.
* Filed the packing slips. I'd been keeping them out becasue I need to put the amounts into a spreadsheet that can't currently be accessed because it's on the computer that is away being fixed. But then I realised I could put them in the folder so they don't get lost and are all in the same palce, and then input the data later!

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Midge McKay said...

As I'm not sure how to reply to a message on a blog (these things confuse) I thought I'd post here instead.

I was glad your post had the words to the song - I was never sure of them. Had been trying to work the tune out for a while.

And the banjo is indeed homemade, plays like a, well, banjo saved a few pennies!

All the best,

Midge :)