Friday, June 29, 2007

Random thoughts

Blest has recently illustrated how it is perfectly possible to string together seemingly random thoughts in the order they occur to the writer and have it work as a blog post, so this is what I'm trying today. This is since trying to string together one sentence a a time that makes sense is hard today, and trying to create perfectly formed paragraphs would totally defeat me.

I'm having problems stringing sentences together because I didn't get to bed until two this morning. This was because I was out babysitting for a longer evening that I had originally foreseen. In fact if I had foreseen it would be that long, I would have said no to the babysitting from the beginning. It was a long evening and I don't want to talk about it anymore. I also don't want to talk about screaming babies or incidents with candles and pieces of paper.

Today was a fun day at school. Otherwise translated as a non-curriculum day. I spent my morning in a room with Knights, Ladies and Dragons, and got to sew lots of pairs of wings onto children's dragon sock puppets. This afternoon I got to line dance in the rain and dance a dance with the year 5 children that had been significantly altered since I had last had to step in for a missing children. However, it was great fun and I managed to stay awake for the whole day.

Memorable moments include a slip of the tongue by the 'caller' when we were singing. Basically each class got to perform a dance that they had learnt, and in the in between sorting out children bits we sang songs like 'what shall we do with the drunken sailor?' and 'She'll be coming round the mountain'. The poor caller started one of the verses "She'll have to sleep with Grandpa when she comes" and the headteacher had to run over to correct him "She'll have to sleep with Grandma when she comes". It mostly funny to see the may Miss M ran across the playground as fast as she could (we were all outside as that's the only place we could fit everyone and still have space to dance in the middle). It was also fun line-dancing in the rain, taking lots of photos and watching Miss M join in with some of the dances.

So having said I was going to write lots of random chunks I'm realising that this isn't turning out much different from many of my normal posts.

The other day I walked home from the post office and wrote a little post in my head telling you all about how I had given my sandals a new lease of life. I never got round to actually writing that post, but perhaps this will whet your appetite for another time.

I would love to tell you something else exciting about lorries, but I think I've exhausted my knowledge for the time being. Maybe next time I'm at a party I'll have a chance to learn something new (that was how I got to find out about those wheels that they can put down for extra grip) although please don't let me put you off ever going to a party with me. I do make interesting small talk usually, or at least sometimes, probably.

I have to go and pick up HP from the station. YAY! She is coming home tonight. Tomorrow we are going to my cousin David's wedding. Also my Grandparents and my Uncle are on their way here and will being staying with us overnight and driving with us to the wedding tomorrow. We will see Bekki there, but she will then come back with us and stay over until Sunday. So lots of fun family time :-)

This is taken looking down at J asleep in my arms. Why can't I have the opportunity to fall asleep like this? Although I might look a little strange with a dummy in my mouth.

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Steve said...

Knights, Ladies, Dragons,sock puppet with days like that I want to go back to school.Yay wedding.Lots of fun and antics I expect.