Friday, June 22, 2007

The wedding outfit

Next Saturday my cousin David is marrying Vicky. Since the skirt I wore to a wedding last summer is now at the chartiy shop next door (or possibly even with a new owner) due to it's tendancy to fall down if I put it on, tomorrow is the day I go shopping for a new outfit. Since I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for it may be a long day, but here's to finding something! (I don't really have any other time to go shopping, unless I take the little one with me on Tuesday or J on Wednesday, or try to fit in in after school on one of the other days!) HP and I last summer.
I do currently still have the top in my wardrobe, but I think I need to admit to myself that yes, that needs to move on too as it's just too big. I just sometimes take a bit of time adjusting!


Steve said...

Yay new outfit.Yay wedding.That is a good picture of HP and you.

HP said...

HP has a new dress but she is not sure if it is wedding outfitable or not. She will have to send you a picture so you can help decide.

Kathleen said...

That IS a good photo! It's too bad (kind of) that the outfit desn't fit anymore, because when I first saw it my first thought was how nice of an outfit it was. I really like the top, too! But I tend to keep wearing things when they are too big or too small, either sqeezng me or falling off my shoulders.