Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hang on a minute little one, did you see that cow moooove?

Little one was captivated by this model cow when we went to the farm a few weeks back. There was a stool you could sit on, and rubber udders that you could squeeze out 'milk' into a bucket. I had a go at that, but he wasn't too sure. Every time we walked past it he looked at it as though it might move and get him if he wasn't careful. He seemed to be psyching himself to see just how close he could get it it without it noticing!


HP said...

argh scary cow
looks fun though
i miss the farm

Kathleen said...

It's funny how little folks react to fake animals. My parents had a porcupine boot scraper in their front hall. I had to hide it in the closet because my oldest refused to walk past it.

Pig wot flies said...

Real cows are much nicer than fake ones.