Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wedding Highlights (UPDATED)

"Why is is that Vicky and Dave get to be in all the photos?"
Stephen, whilst the photographs were being taken.

UPDATE: To be fair this was a joke when he said it, so I'm sorry Stephen that I didn't put that when I first wrote the post.

"I wonder what it'll be like when I'm an alcoholic?"
Stephen, after being told he could have a little bit of champagne for the toasts.

UPDATE: Stephen just got the wrong word, he meant what it'll be like once he's old enough to drink legally, rather than just being allowed to have a little for the toasts. It had the whole table in hysterics, so to be honest Stephen I don't think you will ever have to resort to alcohol to be funny or have a good time, you're hilarious (in a great way) alreay. Please don't change :-)

"Didn't your brothers both make great speeches?"
One of Vicky's relatives, thinking that David (groom) and Peter (best man) were my brothers rather than my cousins.

"Are you sisters?"
A wedding guest asking if Anna (David's youngest sister) and I were sisters. Better still, someone else though I was her Mum!

"Is he your Dad?"
I was on a table with my sisters (HP and Bekki) my cousins Laura, Stephen, Lydia and Anna) and my uncle Jon. At various points in the day people asked if Jon was my Dad, and generally got very confused about all the different members of our extended family!

We had a fantastic day. It was a real privilege to share the day with David and Vicky, and I want to wish them all the best in their new life as husband and wife.
Photos will follow shortly, once I've woken up enough to transfer them onto the computer (we didn't get home until gone half one this morning!) I just wanted to get down some of those statements before I forgot them :-)

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Stephen said...


First if all those quotes are slightly misleading out of context, and secondly the first quote was a joke.

Also please post some comments on my blog.