Sunday, June 10, 2007

Giant Trucks and all that jazz

This is the giant truck that had to be manoeuvred into the cul de sac where my friends who have now moved up to Scotland used to live. I somehow came at that sentence from the wrong way and it doesn't sound quite right, but I'm going to leave it just for the comic effect.
It took some doing. In fact the mother of the family had just managed to get the keys for that van that's in the way, and was about to get into it to move it (woman in white top, black trousers walking towards little van).

And all this talk of lorries reminds me, I discovered why lorries have those extra wheels at the front which during normal driving conditions aren't used. I would link back o my original post about lorries, but it would take too long going through the archives. And anyway, it's too long a reason to write while at my current state of tiredness. But at least that's something I could write in a post at some point, instead of just putting up photos. Although if I talk too much about lorries people might start requesting that I just put up posts with only photos ;-)

If I haven't totally confused you by now, then it's not my fault. You're obviously not easily confused today. Over and out.


Pig wot flies said...

Hmm, I've had fun turning round in that cul de sac, that looks like a tricky situation.

Kathleen said...

The cul-de-sac doesn't look like fun.
I don't think I'm confused, though. Maybe I'm just as tired as you are, and that's why I can follow you.

HP said...

i'm intrigued. Hurry up and tell us the lorry thing!!