Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let the internets sing and jump for joy

after all, that's good exercise, it's fun, and I've found my tweezers.

Last week I know I had them in my jeans pocket, can't remember why, but know they were there. However, by the end of the day they were gone. Having looked everywhere I could think of I concluded they must have come out and got lost at school, and decided to just buy myself some more. On Saturday I went into Boots and got some tweezers. The problem was that since I refuse to pay ten pounds or some such sum for a pair of tweezers that might easily get lost I was stuck with buying the straight forward Boots own brand ones. Except they only had slanted end ones. In the end I got them, because you never know when you might want your tweezers and slanted end ones are better than nothing.

I prefer the straight edged ones because I am fairly ambidextrous and have this thing of twirling my tweezers when I'm just holding them. If they have a straight end it doesn't matter which hand they're in or which way they end up, but if they've got a slanted edge they always seem to end up being the wrong way around and really awkward. (Do bear with my Steve, I know this is a fairly girly post, but I've got something for you in a minute!)

Anyway, fast forward to today. I am looking after little J and have brought him back to my house because there are a couple of things I want to get done here. Talking of J, why is it small children want to pull out every single wipe from the packet if they get the chance? But back to the tweezers. I was just outside hanging out the washing and pulled another handful of pegs out of the bag to peg up my sheep socks (socks with sheep on, not socks for sheep). I noticed something flying out of the peg bag with the pegs. I picked it up, and lo and behold it was my missing pair of tweezers. Back on Friday I must have brought in the washing and put the pegs in my pocket until I could put them away in the bag, and then the tweezers got mixed with the pegs and ended up in the bag.

Now my tweezers, my lovely straight edged tweezers are found again. That calls for a celebration :-) Right then J, what shall we have for lunch? I know fridge magnets, plastic lids and washing balls are exciting to play with, but they're not so good for eating...

(I hope you saw the bit I put in for you Steve, and it was even true - I didn't have to manipulate the story in any way. It was as I pulled out a handful of pegs to hang out the socks that it happened. How cool is that!)

(And I still can't get my phone to talk to the computer. Maybe I need to reinstall the software or something. Or just wait until they're both having a good day. Who knows! So here's a picture of J from a while back.)


Kathleen said...

It's funny, because you wouldn't think tweezers were one's that mattered, but they really are like... hairbrushes. They are not all the same. I happen to like the slanty ones, but sometimes I get these ones where the end is so, so tiny I can't grip anything with them... who makes these things up, anyhow?

Pig wot flies said...

Debs, you are bonkers, but I love you. :-)

Steve said...

yay sheep socks. One day I will purchase some.I have Steven socks which are exciting but apart from that my socks are all the same boring black.

The King and I said...

Debs, it was lovely to chat with you last night too. And, i love the way you wrote this post, just as though you were saying it in person. Have a wonderful time at the wedding and look forward to seeing you next week. Love La La xx