Saturday, May 06, 2006

woof woof...

...went the computer.

About three weeks ago now we were walking home from the tube station and passed two huge dogs sitting outside Pizza Hut. This let to a conversation about the 3 big dogs that Bekki reckons live in our road. After a little thought she decided that the pizza hut dogs weren't the same as the ones in our road, but the conversation topic stuck, and for a lot of the way home we were talking about dogs. This included the very loud one my mum was sure lived in our road. She said she heard it some evening when she was in her bedroom. None of the rest of us had ever heard it, but put the down to position of bedrooms in the house (mine is at the back of the house, my mum's ia at the front etc.).

Fast forward to this week, to about Wednesday or Thusday. I was sat at the computer in my parents bedroom when I realised that the computer was making an odd sound. Now if you've ever used our computer you'll know there's nothing strange about that. A friend of ours from church, James, has been very helpful at doing things to it and making suggestions as to things we could try (note my oh so technical language, computers and how they actually work has never been a strong point. So long as they do what I want them to, then it's ok!).

Anyway, back to my original point. I had noticed that our computer was making a sound like a fairly big and scary dog woofing! I mentioned this to my mum, and then suddenly had a brainwave. There never was a big noisy dog in our road, it was just the computer :-)


HP said...

Ok that's scarily weird. You lot are all barmy!!

Pig wot flies said...

Tee hee! That's very funny.
There are only two big dogs that live on our road.