Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tired and a bit grumpy too (sorry family, thanks for putting up with me)

I'm soooo ready for bed. I've been meaning to blog more lately, but time just goes when you're doing things like trying to find somewhere that is still available to go on holiday, and looking for ads for cars that are the same as yours was, but cost more that the insurance people have offered to give you. (The first part of that was actually the hardest. Not only was my car a limited edition colour, it also seems to have been a fairly limited edition model. Or maybe it was just so great that noone wants to sell it once they have it.)

I wrote a comment on Kathleen's blog on her today's post (tues 16th may) which was about as long as a proper post, so you can go and read that it you want to. Well, you should go and read her blog (once you've finished reading this post) anyway because it's great.

Right, so this evening I have been surfing the net finding adverts for cars, and then writing the letter to said insurance peeps to go with the ads. And also filling in, and finding an envelope for the v14 (maybe 16, I've just sealed the envelope so I can't look) form that I've filled in to go back to the DVLA to reclaim some road tax money.

This week at school (and last week as well, actually) we've been doing lots of different SATS papers, and there's a few more to go. So I feel I ought to give Antonia (the teacher I work with) a big cheery hello since I introduced her to blogs, and mine in particular the other day. In fact this will be a test to see if
a) she remembers what a blog is,
b) she can remember the web address for mine.

Right, off to bed methinks.

Oh, it wasn't all bad today. I had a lovely card from some people from my church is Cambridge that just made my day, and made me feel really loved. So a big thank-you to them.

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