Friday, May 26, 2006

evening all

I'm writing this while talking on MSN to HP, so apologies for any major typos. Just thought it was really time I put a bit more on my blog.
On Tuesday I was able to get off to Cambridge in time to see N. In fact I was able to get there a bit early i order to chat to her mum about stopping working with her. Since then I also saw N yesterday and this afternoon, but that was my last session. I'll miss her, in fact all of them, as I've got to know her and her family really well over the last 6 months, but it just seemed the right time to stop.

Today at school it was the end of multi-cultural week, and as the climax we had a (really long) assembly where everyone showed all the stuff they'd been making and doing over the week. It was great fun, and although it was long it had a few classic moments, and it ended with yr 6 Salsa dancing!

Afterwards I was trying to print off some of our class photos in the computer suite and for some reason, because of the program I was using, it wanted me to install the printer I wanted it to use to print them. I would have been fine with that, only none of the printers actually have their names on them, so when confronted with a list of 'magnesium 5' and 'gold 2' etc I had no idea which to pick. I chose one at randon, and nothing happened (so far as I could see). The second one I chose came out in the computer room, but was such a bad printout that I tried one more time. Again nothing came out on any of the printers in there, so I went back to class to tell Antonia that I gave up, but when we got in there we discovered on the classroom printer there lay one of my printouts. Somehow I actually managed to pick the printer in our out of all the 20 or so printers in the school. Goodness knows where the other copy I tried to print went. Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone else too much.

I've probably got other stuff to say, but can't remember what it was. Sorry it the printer story was boring, it amused me, but that might just be my sense of humour. If it did you'll have to amuse yourself looking for sill typos, or just go and read someone else's blog. I suggest Kathleen's or Bekki's.

Right, there it is HP, it's up now so you can read it.

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