Sunday, May 21, 2006

starting the week as I will try to go on.. actually posting things on my blog.

The last two posts were random 'test' things I found from a link from a blog I looked at this afternoon. Can't remember which one - I'm quite good at following links from blogs by people I know to totally random ones. I decided to post the results because I thought that they probably had some truth to them (I'll let people who know me comment on that).

We still haven't found a car. To be honest other stuff has come up these last few days and the car hasn't really been my top priority. I have, however, spent a fair amount of time talking with friends and family about life in general. I'm not going to be more specific than that, but although I still don't really have a clue what I'm doing after July, I think I'm probably a bit happier in myself about life in general.

This week I'm going to be staying in GC with Imogen on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I've got a really full day on Tuesday, including a meeting in the evening right up in Cambridge, and it would just be silly to come back to London afterwards. And then having checked with Mummy that it would be ok to kidnap the car for one night, I realised I wouldn't actually see much of Imogen on Tuesday, so it would be good to stay till Thursday.

I'm not sure how busy the rest of the week will be, depending on decisions I need to make as to whether I ought to continue working with N, or if it would be better for me and her if we called it a day. I've really loved working with her and her family, and definitely won't want to totally lose contact with them, but feel it might be time to stop, for a number of reasons.

Sorry, this post is being rather vague about everything. What can I not be vague about? I enjoyed my birthday last Thursday, and (as I've admitted it to the children I work with, I might as well also admit it to you all), I'm now 24.
I also ejoyed watching the Eurovision song contest, but I think I'll save that for a post of its own later in the week.


HP said...

ahh man I can't believe i missed it. It's so not fair not having a telly at university. Btw is Daddy still videoing Dr Who for me? I hope he is. So how did England do then? nil points?

Kathleen said...

24 is so young! Enjoy it!