Sunday, May 21, 2006

The International event arranged in honour of my birthday

It is tradition for me to celebrate my birthday, in part,by watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the last, perhaps, 10 years I have had some sort of party or sleepover where I invited my friends to come over and watch it with me. Other obliations include discussing and rating each entry using score sheets as designed by me (TV guides are very helpful in that they usually include a list of the order the countries will perform and the names of the performers and song titles) and each picking out our own favourites.

This year was slightly different, in that as I was in London it was just me and my mum and dad watching, but I still had a piece of paper to write down my comments, and I picked my personal favourites. I liked the Lithuanian entry for its sheer cheek (see lyrics), and the German entry because it was just so unexpected, and when they went to Germany for their votes, they guy giving the results was dressed to join in with the 'country' theme.

I had hoped to include some photos from parties past (esp 2004), but my quick photo hunt has only unearthed some from last year which my friends would kill me if I put on (weird red eyes, bad hair days, weird angles, etc). I'll keep looking...

My best Eurovision party was probably 2004 when we (one of my housemates at the time and myself) invited people by giving them invites that were made to be the flag of a particular country. Each person then had to come with some food from that country to share with everyone. And boy did we have an interesting selection of food! HP stayed up in Cambridge with me, and together we were... hmmm... actually I'm not certain. Germany I think, because we made German apple cake. But I think we also made pizza.. oh yes, it had German salami on it :-)
[Also, HP and I went shopping for stuff for it at the huge Tesco at Bar Hill, which was another exciting thing for me, cos as previouly stated, I love going food shopping).

I guess the only appropriate way to end this post would be to say thanks for all my friends that have shared my weird obsession with me over the years and humoured me by coming to me parties; and also thanks to Terry Wogan for his hilarious commentry, without which the Eurovision broadcast to the UK would be much poorer.

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