Wednesday, May 17, 2006

sleep and football

I've just managed to spend the last 45 minutes watching football. I really don't quite know how it happened. We watched another programme from 7.30-9 (it was a murder mystery, right up my street), which my dad was watching too, with an occasional flick to check the score (0-0 for most of that, so we clearly hadn't missed much). But then when that finished I flicked over to ITV so that Daddy could watch the rest of the match. Now he isn't into football hugely, but likes to watch it now and then, especially if it's a final or something.

I, however, would be the first to admit that Idon't know much about football. I do get the offside rule (although I wouldn't be able to explain it to anyone), but that was probably helped by the bit in 'Bend it like Beckham' when the dad is explaining it to the the mum. Anyway, I had to ask someone the other day (can't actually remember why I wanted to know) how long the footy season is. And I know it was a final today, and it was in Paris, and that Arsenal and Barcelona were playing, but it occured to me that I'm not actually certain what of. Not the world cup, I know that, cos that hasn't happened yet.

But somehow I sat and watched it for 45 minutes. And it wasn't even to 'admire' the looks of the players (as I know some people do). I mean, at one point I said the one with the long frizzy hair and the not yellow shirt (playing for Barcelona, although Arsenal weren't wearing red, which confused me for a while) looked like a girl. I did realise soon after that he looked a bit like a girl in the school I was in last summer, but still.

I think I was just amazed just how seriously they were taking it. It was raining, for goodness sake. I spent both my playtime and lunchtime breaks at school today out in the playtime playing dodgeball and sticky toffee (we're keeping a close eye on some of the people in the class because there's been complaints from parents about bullying) and it was grea fun. But I didn't care who won - in fact we came up with all these rules that basically meant if someone was got out, they weren't actually out afterall (that was what it boiled down to anyway!). I just wanted the kids to have fun. But I wouldn't have been out there in the rain - that's dedication.

At this point I ought to say to Kathleen that we have had rain today, so I take back the comment about her stealing it :-)

Actually, also at this point I ought to just stop and decide I'm not going to understand why I sat and watched the football, and I ought just go to bed. I think the game is over now, but don't really care who won. Arsenal were 2-1 down when I came upstairs, so it was probably them, but I'm not really bothered, and anyway one of the boys will probably tell me tomorrow at school.

Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow.

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Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is delightful! And not rainy, really. Even if you need it, rain on your birthday is always a bit sad.

We've had clear skies here for over 24 hours, and roads are opening back up.

As for football, I don't really get it either. But I don't get American Football even more (that's not proper english, is it?) They play in the dark, in the rain, and in the snow. I I never know where the ball is. You can't tell the players apart unless there are close ups because of the helmets. I can't stand it.