Thursday, May 11, 2006

no school today

Well, for me anyway. I guess everyone else still went, otherwise no-one would have been there to answer the phone when I called in sick this morning. I didn't sleep that well, and my throat and ears were hurting horribly, and my glands were like ping-pong balls (or so the doctor said, but I'm jumping ahead) so I didn't go into school today. Knowing how good I am at getting throat infections etc my mum and I decided it might be as well to get it checked out at the doctors. After all, I'd been ignoring it for a few days and it had got worse not better.

So I rang my doctors in GC and they were able to give me an appointment at 11.30 this morning (although it was actually in the link surgery in the next town, cos that's how it works somehow, but I wasn't complaining). That was good because it gave me chance to work up to eating some breakfast (once the paracetamol kicked in it was easier to swallow) and the drive up from London. (Did I mention that I'm currently in London cos of having to use Mummy's car to get to work. I've been here for nearly 2 weeks now, with a short stay in GC in the middle so that Imogen could see that I really was still alive).

After the doctors and calling in at my house in GC to pick up yet more post from my insurance company, I went to the garage where my car is\was being kept. - I'm not really sure how the tenses should work in this case. It was my car, and possibly still is until the insurance people take it away from the garage which, since they aren't doing anything to it, is basically just a holding place for it. Anyway, I picked up all my stuff from it, mostly tapes and boxes of tissues, with a torch (and nothing else beginning with t, so that ruins it really) and some other bits and bobs. This time I went prepared - I took the box that they'd given me at the garage in GC when I had to empty out my first car. There was less in this one though, probably because it had had less time to get full of junk!

Once I got home to London again I pretty much collapsed in a big heap. I'm not sure all the driving and stuff I've done today was quite was the doctor was intending when he took me not to go to work for a few days and just rest to get myself better. But about the most hectic thing I've got planned for tomorrow is to walk approx. 7 minutes to the bank to pay in some money, and of course back again. And if I'm really feeling energised I might fill in a V14 form from the DVLA in order to claim back the couple of months I've had got left on my tax disc.

And maybe a bit more blogging if I can think of anything to say, or most likely if I can't I could probably just waffle for a bit.

Update: Realised I hadn't actually remember to put that I've got tonsillitis and that the doctor has put me on penicillin. And I had to include that because I'd actually managed to both of those words correctly (and one of them without any help at all).


Pig wot flies said...

Sleep! Sleep is good. Do sleeping.

HP said...

Which one could you spell by yourself? I think i could manage penicillin but not tonsillitis!!