Tuesday, May 23, 2006

cars cars cars

Yes, yet again I'm having to post about me and cars. I don't seem to have much luck with them at the moment. Before you all panic, no I haven't crashed my mum's car.

But, it did have a totally flat tyre within two minutes of leaving the house this morning. It can't have been that flat when I got in, else I would have seen it, but driving on it ovbiously didn't help! I drove pretty much round the block trying to find somewhere I could pull in to check what the weird noise was, and ended up on the road next to the park. I phoned Mummy and then school to let them know I wouldn't be in for a while. Mummy came over, and together with the help of a man who came out to see if we were ok, managed to take off the old tyre and put the new one one.

Unfortunatly when we drove up the road to go and put some air in the spare tyre we'd just put on, the car was really juddery, so we knew it obviously wasn't on right. Luckily there's a tyre place just up the road, so we've taken the car there. They've had a look at it, and say they should be able to tighten it up properly, and also put a new tyre on the one that we've taken off. Anyhow, that's not going to be done till at least 11 o'clock, so I've rung school to say I'm not coming in today (I was only meant to be there 9-1 today, so by the time it's fixed it would be worth it, as it takes at least half a hour to get there). I will, however, hopefully be seeing N and A this afternoon as previously planned. We'll have to wait and see what the garage man says...

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Pig wot flies said...

Oh dear. Still, at least it didn't go on the motorway.