Wednesday, June 30, 2010


... I got to meet two wonderful sisters (and their parents) who I got to know online through Etsy and who are over here from the USA for a short time. They are Ace and Mags (online nicknames) and the former has an etsy shop (which is currently set on vacation mode as she's away, and has just moved house).

(L to R Mags, Ace, Debs and Sophia)

Unfortunately my mum and my camera's auto focus don't get on well, so this is the best shot I have of us at Covent Garden yesterday.

It was also Sophia's first time on the Tube. She was a little overawed, but kept the whole carriage entertained with her sheer beautifulness!


Pig wot flies said...

She doesn't look over-awed, she looks like she's plotting her next picklish pickle move.
Mwa! Kisses for my beautiful niece.

Debs said...

Well this was taken when the train had only just started moving! But yes, this is a picklish pickle expression