Monday, June 07, 2010

Eat what you've got week

I've been thinking. Which is always dangerous. But anyway, inspired partly by this blog, partly by the fact I've officially resigned from my job to be a full time mummy but my maternity pay is now over, and partly by the fact that they're just really full, I've decided that this week needs to be 'Eat out of the store cupboard' week.
I've actually been doing this with my freezer for a couple of weeks, because it had got very full of sausages and pies. We've used up all the sausages, but have a couple more meals worth of pie, and we also have various other oddments in there, including 24 doughnuts (part of operation doughnut, which may or may not be explained in another post). But in the tin cupboard I have a whole wealth of variety. Well, I think I do, I haven't actually looked at what's in there, but I will in a bit and list it here. I know that we have 8 tins of baked beans which won't even fit in the cupboard. To Menard beans means Heinz, so I tend to stock up on those when I find them on offer, which I did last week.

I'm pretty sure, from memory, that I have a bunch of soup, tinned tomatoes, tinned beans, tuna (yucky stuff, but maybe I can persuade Menard to eat it), rice, pasta, pasta sauce, olives, and probably some other things. I reckon we can make some exciting meals out of that. I also have flour, sugar, and other things that you might use for baking, various dried fruit, and some baby food (which I've been buying when I have coupons and will use when we're away on a church conference and not able to make my own baby food).
In the fridge I've got some vegetables, but again I'm not totally sure what. I know I have a lot of cheese. I really do need to sit down and make a list. I can tell you that the fruit bowl had a couple of bananas, about three kiwi fruit, maybe 5 apples and some little orange things (bought reduced and were labelled as 'easy pealers' so I wouldn't like to say what exactly they are). I'll do a proper survey, work out what I might need to purchase to make it through the week (most likely for making baby food, since I know I need to whip up a bunch of that) and get it this morning. And then I'm on my own, or on my own with the cupboards. I'll let you know what interesting meals we end up with.
I actually didn't have as many tins as I thought I did, although I guess it's still a lot. Here follows a list, so feel free to stop reading now.
Mushroom (I don't actually like mushroom soup, but it got bought once by someone else who lives in this house, so I guess it will be used at some point)
Spring Vegetables
Chicken and Vegetables

Sweetcorn x2
Cannelloni x2
Baked beans x8!


Plum tomatoes x2 (ok, methinks I may have to buy some more of these)
Tomato and garlic pureePasta bake sauce x2

Red salmon
Tuna x2


Boil in bag rice (one sachet left)
Lasagna sheetsRice noodles

Pine Nuts
Dried Apricots
Dried Apple rings
Baby food
Packet to make rocky road
Bar of chocolate
Lots of herbs/spices/condiments

And some other random bits and bobs that may or may not get used.


Odd Bob said...

I think I need to do this at some point. I just keep buying stuff and not bothing to check what has got hidden at the back of the cupboard waiting patiently to be discovered and eaten.

We found literally a cupboard full of 'super noodles' the other day! I'm gona guess they must have been on offer...a really good offer...I can't see why else we'd have so many!

The main problem is that living in a shared flat I can never seem to remember what stuff is mine and what might belong to someone else!!

Elly said...

so who bought the tuna?

Debs said...

some of it Menard got, some came in a post-baby care parcel