Sunday, June 20, 2010

Much overdue thanks (part 1)

Way way back, around 8 months ago (!) I had the privilege of receiving some parcels from across the seas, thanks to Etsy and a wonderful idea of an esty baby shower. This week I finally managed to capture Sophia with two of the four things that I was lucky enough to receive, and so I'm finally writing the blog post about them that I promised.
I know that they're not the best photos ever and I apologise to littlealouette and Maryum for that.

Maryum of the etsy shop SweetDesignsbyMaryum sent the adorable dress that Sophia is wearing. She was diligent in checking the size and specification of what she would be making to ensure that it would be something that we could use, and as you can see Sophia and I are very happy with the result. Better still, because she made it with a fairly large size vest as the basis, Sophia has been able to wear it when she was small, and it still fits her now, and is actually perfect for the spring/summer weather we've had recently.

Joe and Amy Sharp from the shop littlealouette sent the wooden teether that Sophia is holding. Although she was seemingly more interested in my water bottle and camera strap, Sophia actually loves this teether and it's had lots of use both being chewed on and also just as a fascinating toy to hold and play with.

Thank you so much to both shops. I really appreciated your kindness and generosity. Sorry it's taken so long for me to return the favour! Readers, please click over and check out their shops :)


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

kisses to such a sweet babe! We are so happy you liked it! xoxo

HP said...

Beautiful Sophia :-)