Wednesday, June 16, 2010

unimpressed by mummy's new glasses

They're purple and everything. Not sure you can really see that properly in this photo. I can't make up my mind on the date stamp. I wish you could have it on, but then remove it if you wanted to for individual photos.


Pig wot flies said...

Yay! New glasses!

(Is it just me, or do they look exactly the same as the previous ones, just purple?)

Debs said...

they are quite similar!
They look more different in real life, if that makes sense?!

HP said...

They do look fun. Want to see them in real life now.

Odd Bob said...

ooo I want purple glasses now!

Also...totally agree on the date stamp thing. Would be really useful to be able to choose whether to have it on or off after taking the photo...I supose you could remove it with photoshop...but that's so faffy!