Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why so tired?

I am sooo tired. Probably cos I've had a couple of very busy days after several days of doing not much, and now my body is fighting back!

I had a fantastic time with Rachel yesterday, more on that and photos to follow (but today is gonna be another busy one, so probably not until tomorrow). I love making friends on the interblog (new word, as coined by Rachel's husband!)

In about 10 minutes I need to out of the house (and before that I need to finsih getting dressed!) to meet Jenny for breakfast. I was meant to be at a prayer meeting now, but I just couldn't wake up enough to get out of bed. From breakfast I will head to Cambridge and hopefully meet up with a couple of friends who are there for the day to get their MAs. And then I'll hopefully get back in time to go to a quiz night tonight with my Mum.

Right, better get on with it then!

Change of Plan: Was apparently meant to be meeting Jenny now, or 5 minutes ago (I'd got the time wrong!), so it looks like we're not going out for breakfast after all. I'll go and see what I can find here.

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