Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pumpkin Tales

I am looking for canned pupmkin. I am not entirely convinced you can buy it in England! In the meantime I am experiementing with making my own pureed pumpkin from fresh pumpkin. I have a feeling it may be messy. But if it means I can make blest's fabulour pumpkin muffins then I will be a happy girl.

I'll finish my journey home story soon, I promise. Plus, more photos from my last couple of weeks in Texas....


Tami said...

Debs, it's not to messy at all. I almost always puree my own pumpkin. The problem may be finding a pumpkin this time of year. Get a small pie pumpkin and wash it. You can put it in the oven whole OR you can quarter it and put it in the oven. If you quarter it then take out the seeds. Put it in the oven at 350F for roughly 45-60 mins. Allow it to cool slighlty before you begin to mess with it. IT IS HOT (ask me how I know). The skin will peel away very easily. Peel the skin and then put in it a blender to puree it or put it in a food processer. No need to add liquids.

Anita said...

I do it all the time too. And if you can't find a pie pumpkin, you can use butternut squash, kabochi (sp?) squash, or even yams. Any sweet squash of some sort.

Also, you can freeze the pumpkin/squash once it is cooked. I often put 1 or 2 cups in plastic bags and then toss them in the freezer.

Good luck!

The King and I said...

You can by canned pumkin mix. Its by Libby's and you can het it in Selfridges in oxford street. its a bit expensive though. next time i'm up there i'll get you some. think its £2.99 :)
i'd love to try pumpkin muffins,,,dya have the recipe?