Monday, February 25, 2008

Remind me

to never ever ever go to the ER again, unless I know I'm going to be admitted as an inpatient (in which case my insurance would have covered it), or I have some different insurance.
Cos oh boy, was that expensive. Especially just to be told I have a 'non-specific headache'.

It's all paid now, and thank goodness for credit cards and money in savings to pay said credit card bill.

However much people moan about the NHS, I certainly have a lot of respect for the 'free' healthcare I recieve from it!

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People Power Granny said...

You're a victim of Gotcha Capitalism. Read my post at and see how I have learned more about how we get extra fees aimed at us every time we turn about. Would love to have you vote in my poll about this, too.