Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not feeling alive enough to write a proper post

(The whatever it is that's been trying to get me for the last couple of weeks has suceeded and I'm feeling pretty icky today. I've got a sore throat and earache, I'm still all conjested, and my cough seems to be turning into more of an asthma type cough than whatever it was before. But the biggest thing really seems to be that my dizziness has got worse again and I feel almost like I'm on a ship, constantly going up and down on the waves, and if I actually move then, oh my word, talk about headrush!)

Anyway, having said I wouldn't write much, I've proceeded to write loads. Instead I was just gonna show you some pics from our girl's weekend in Albuquerque (and yes, I did have to look that spelling up once again. I don't think I shall ever be able to spell it off the top of my head!)
(Unfortunately I don't have a ton of pics cos my camera battery died on the Saturday morning, but there are some...)

Eating our lunch in the truck on Friday (on the way to Albuquerque)
We were in a place called Truth or Consequences. The toilets we found in the park were, um, interesting. But we survived! More from our weekend away next time..
And a couple of bonus pics. This is to prove how Honey sleeps under Blest's bed - I honestly don't quite know how she squidges her way in there, but she does!

And a final pic of a road sign to Elephant Butte, which is another place we passed by. It made me laugh, so I had to get blest to pull over so I could take a photo :-)

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