Friday, February 08, 2008

Jet-Lag and Tears

One of my suitcases was returned to me last night, and the other has arrived in London and is due to be delivered some time today.

Today I'm feeling tired and emotional. Apparently it's 1pm according to the clock on the computer, but my body doesn't have a clue! I finally got to bed around 10pm last night, I'd been ready to go sooner, but then we started unpaking my first suitcase and it seemed sensible to get it all out and as much put away as I could. I woke up at about 2.30 feeling really thirsty so I got myself a glass of water and then went back to bedand fell asleep really quickly.

The phone rang at 10.30 this morning, which I was aware of, but there was no way I could get up to answer it in time, and after all what are answer phones there for if not to take a message for you? Around 11am I did manage to get out of bed and came to turn on the computer (priorities, people!). I need to do something more productive soon I guess, but I've been checking my email, etsy forums and facebook, and crying!

I didn't realise how hard it was going to be to come back home. I love my family and can't wait to see my friends back here, but it just feels so quiet and empty here. My Mum and Dad are at work, so it's just me here, and it's just so quiet. I'd gotten used to having a constant stream of noise from having four boys about the house, not to mention people drumming on the table or wall, and the piano, and music playing, and even the sound blest's laptop makes when an email arrives! I miss blest and the boys soooo much, I've having to restrain myself from looking at flights to go back over there right away!

I think Andrew put it well when we were sitting in the van on my last evening there (we were about to go out for dinner) "Ms Debs is going back to England? But I thought that she was part of the family now"


The King and I said...

Oh Debs, welcome home....something tells me you may not be here for long?????? Just try and rest and take time to get over jet lag etc. It must be wierd being back.....if you're bored. I've finally updated my blog again.
See you Sunday? Love Angelala xxx

Tami said...

Oh Debs,
I'm so, so sorry. It is very lonely when you are use to noise and activity.
It will be okay whether your on that side of the pond or this side.

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Debs, Andrew got it right! You still are from everything I've heard. Hope you see your friends soon to lessen the pangs.

blest said...

Love love love you!!!