Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More of my journey home

So, there I was at Dallas airport.... (let me just go check how I got in the story last time..)
Oh I actually got further than I thought. Well, here are some pictures from the journey home. I didn't take all that many cos I was kinda distracted a lot of the time. Who knows why that might have been.

The view from the chair where I sat, and sat, and sat some more (and rang blest every hour to see if we'd heard anything from Christina)The phone I used to ring blest the first time. I think I used it a couple of times, but after I discovered that the phone was eating the credit on my phone card just becasue it was a pay-phone, I got quarters from the shop along the corridor, and then used a phone nearer the shop to call blest.
A random picture of me. Just because I was bored. Note the red face and eyes. could possibly be to do with all the crying I'd been doing, but who knows!
This is on the Thursday afternoon once I was home. I was so so so so so cold. And I didn't have any luggage yet, so I had to go through the wardrobe and try to find something to wear. Most of the stuff I tried on went straight in the bag to go to the charity shop (could possibly be to do with the fact I'd lost 2 stone in weight while I was away!) But I did find one outfit in the end!

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