Friday, March 31, 2006

conjunctivitis and cracked ribs

I've got conjunctivitis, at least I'm fairly sure that's what it is, I'm going to the doctor at 4pm to confirm it and hopefully get something to treat it with. I don't have cracked ribs though, that's the boy that I work with at school. Let me explain.

At playtime he fell from the climbing frame and landed on his left side. Because he is French it was a little tricky for us to work out exactly was hurt, but luckily we have two fairly fluent French speakers who were able to come and help (I can generally understand more than I can actually say, and we get on ok till things go wrong and he starts saying more technical stuff and speaking more quickly). To cut a long story short, he was complaining of pain when he spoke and when he walked, and said it felt like the bones were rubbing (sorry to any screamish people reading this). He loves school and although he was in pain we persuaded him it might be as well for him to go home as the afternoon lessons were going to be PE and then clearing up the classroom and moving things round - neither of which he would be able to do very easily. So we rang his parents and his dad came and picked him up. So we don't actually know if he has cracked a rib or not, but they will take him to be checked out by a doctor.

After he had gone, the class teacher told me I might as well have the rest of the day off as my eye looked really nasty. After she had said that we actually discovered that anyone with conjunctivitis shouldn't really be at school because it's quick highly contagious, so that was double reason for me to come home.

I'm in GC at the moment, but after I see the doctor I'm heading back to London for the weekend. We are going to a barn dance this evening and have lots of other stuff planned for the weekend as well. Including an early morning church prayer meeting tomorrow, followed by a women's prayer breakfast. I'll write more about all that later in the weekend (peut-ĂȘtre).


Pig wot flies said...

ooh, showing off with your accents. I don't know how to do that. Poor kid. And poor you. Conjuntivitis isn't fun. Although you're off to home AGAIN so I'm sure you'll get lots of sympathy there.

Debs said...

and probably give it to them all.
I typed 'maybe' in word and then used the translate thing that we've got, which came with accents. I did know how to type it, just thought I'd try the translate thing to see if it would do accents nicely, and i did.

elly said...

You can find accents by going into insert symbol. I didn't know about the translation feature.