Wednesday, March 29, 2006

wasp update and other thoughts

I meant to say in my wasp post that the bump was Imogen falling off her chair, but that there hopefully isn't any lasting damage, either to her or the chair.

I love being back in London. It's just so different to the village (GC) where I live in the rest of the time.
London is loud (we live just off a main road).
GC is really quiet (if one car comes up our road in the night it's a lot).

London is bright, even in the night.
GC is pitch black when you wake up in the night and try to feel your way to the bathroom.

London is where my family is.
GC is where Imogen is (not that that's a bad thing, but just different)

Oh, our house in GC has been really hot recently. I reckon all that heat that seemed to disappear for the last few months has finally decided to re-emerge from below the floor boards, and heat up the house. We've turned the heating right off and still it seems to be hot. I'm reluctant to open my window at night at the moment after the wasp incident, so I'm not quite sure what we'll do next. Certain parts of the house remain cool so hopefully this doesn't forecast a horrendous summer with a boiling house, but time will tell.

Is it just me, or are cliches more readily available when you're writing a blog post than at other times. (Blame my trail of thought on recently reading the Thursday Next seris by Jasper Fforde, see Bekki's blog for more stuff about him. The books are a bit odd, but fantastic even when reading them for the fifth or so time).

Right, enough random thoughts for this post. I may be back later with some more :-)

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Kathleen said...

I love the Thursday Next series! Those books are so fun.

I find that most cliches and also most descripive metaphors or similies tend to become more rare when writing a blog post. I have to work so much harder to make anything seem interesting, or to convey a situation accurately. I think the more colorful and descriptive words are still afraid of cyberspace.