Wednesday, March 29, 2006

and all that jazz

I'm at home in London for the evening. I came to meet HP's boyfriend who is staying for a few days. I'm not sure he quite knows what to make of HP and me when we get together. Somehow all my silliness is unleashed, and we set each other off into giggles! He seems alright though, and he needs to know what he's letting himself in for by associating with this family :-)

I sometimes wonder who is the real me. I'm so different in every situation that I'm in. Whether it's at school, at home with my family, in my house with Imogen (that's my housemate, I got tired of referring to her as my housemate, and thought it was time she had a name!), or when I'm on my own. I suppose most people probably feel similar in that everyone recats to different situations in their life in different ways. If I do ever get married I would want it to be to someone that I can be silly and serious with. That may seem obvious, but I'm sure there is a side of me that normally only my family might see.

The title of this blog refers to my 'having a song for everything'. Particularly when I'm with HP and Bekki any word in conversation can spark me off to sing a song either with that word in, or that the word reminds me of. It's great fun, especially like when we take a word and try to come up with as many songs as we can with that word in. We're quite a singy family. When we were younger and went on long journeys (like to visit Grandparents) we would play games like the song alphabet game, where you think of a song beginning with each letter of the alphabet.


Pig wot flies said...

You know what you've got stuck in my head now?
Could be worse.

I wanted to come home too! Perhaps I should have done. What did you think of Steve?

Debs said...

Just in case he's reading thisa I'm gonna have to say he was nice. Actually he was nice, just a bit quiet, and I'm not sure he knew quite what to make of silly Debs and HP.