Friday, March 24, 2006

this is post number 38

I've not been doing well with writing on here lately. I seem to have time to catch up on a few favourite blogs, but never to write on my own. I'm off to work in about 5 minutes, so this may have terrible typos becasue I don't have enough time to read back through what I've written.

It's really wet here - rain, rather than any plumbing accidents, but still a bit dark and miserable looking. Hopefully the kids at school will get a chance to have a break outside rather than having 'wet play' and being in under our feet and getting all hyper.

Gotta go. More soon I hope. Oh, I've having a 'performance management meeting' with the headteacher today. Which sounds scary, but it's really jsut a chat with the head to see how things are going (or so I get the impression that's what it will be, and what I'm hoping it will be..)

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Kathleen said...

I felt like you were next door when you spoke about the wet rain. It's pretty overcast here. I hope you get to go outside and avoid one of those claustrophobic indoor-only kids-boucing-off-the-walls type of days! And best of luck on you performance meeting thingy. I always hated those, even if I was talking about the performance of others.