Wednesday, March 08, 2006

cough still here

I spoke to my mum on the phone yesterday and one of the things I told her was that I had a cough. A bit later in the conversation I coughed and that prompted her to say "yes, you have got a nasty cough". It makes me smile when I hear that. It doesn't make the cough better, but it's one of those mummy phrases that I hear once in a while, and it shows that she loves me.

Talking, in a way, about noises (well, a cough is a noise) does anyone else have noises or sounds that you really like? For example, the sound of metal scissors cutting fabric on a wooden table definitely reminds me of when I was younger, listening to my mum making things, like clothes for us. I think I come from quite a creative family, as anyone who has read my sister's blogs or seen our living room wall will realise(explanation of that to follow at some point). I love cooking, even if it's just making the dinner day in day out (I tend to do the cooking in our house and my housemate washes up!).

Hmmm, the last paragragh seemed to have evolved from one thought to another totally different. Too tired to go back and sort it out. (yes, it's only 9.30 in the morning, but I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'm not properly awake). Please let me know if you have any favourite sounds.


elly said...

I used to love the sound of your Dad's coat swishing as he came down the corridor to my college room. A long time ago now.

HP said...

I love the sound of fingers moving acrross the fret of a guitar (is that what its called?) when playing. Its just a soft squeak and makes me feel a bit like i'm hearing it live. pigwot will know what i mean an d she might be able to expain it better. So there you go pigwot, a challenge.