Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We've had another wasp situation in our study the last couple of days. My housemate was on the phone in there late Sunday evening and I was in bed when I heard a loud scream, a bump and a slammed door. It transpired that a huge wasp had suddenly flown out and scared her.
And before anyone starts commenting on 'girls and how they're wimps' I'll jump ahead to say that when I looked at it I saw that it was huge.

We couldn't really do anything about it at the time - I was too sleepy and she was too hyped and stressed out about it. So Monday evening when we got home from work we asked our neighbour (the one with a gun that shot the rat) to come and help us. Basically neither of us is keen on wasps and we knew that if we tried to go in (we'd had the door shut) it would take us forever. The problem was that it wasn't anywhere to be found. So we had to do what we needed to in the room as quickly as we could and then shut the door and leave it.

This morning my housemate had to come in here to get some papers to take to school (she's a teacher) and the wasp was sitting on the pile! She went to ask our neighbour to come and help us, and his wife told us he'd be over when he was out of the bath (this was 8 in the morning, so fair enough!). In due time he came over and we waited outside while he did it - we heard a few thwacks and then it was done. Hurrah!

Hopefully that will be the end of the wasps (although he did have to rescue us from two queen wasps on one day back in October). Oh, and he said this one was a queen wasp as well. He's offered to come back and fill in several holes in the airing cupboard for us, which might be the way that they are getting in.

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