Sunday, January 20, 2013

shoop shoop shoop

That's what Rachel in friends said in the episode she was hoping to go off ski-ing in Vale, but couldn't make the money in time.

And we have snow, and for some reason it made me think of that.

Snow snow snow.

By the time this posts, I'll probably be sick of it, but as I write this, it's the first day. I refuse to drive anywhere, and won't be until the snow and ice are gone! But we did have a walk in the snow along to the pub for some lunch (And to give the kids fresh air, since it'll freeze tonight and then even the pavements won't be that safe to walk on, and we'll be stuck indoors).

I haven't taken any kids in snow pictures yet and it's getting a bit dark now. We're (sort of) cosy indoors and Sophia is watching The Snowman. But I'll make sure I take some tomorrow :)  (which for me is Saturday, but as you read this when it posts in Sunday, that will actually be yesterday).


Kathleen said...

It makes me laugh because if we were to wait for the snow to go away, we'd be inside for months! Which is what I guess people used to do before electricity and cars, and makes me wonder why people live here at all. Not to mention all of Canada.
All I really ment to say was that I can't wait to see snow baby photos!

Mary deB said...

Here people sweep/shovel the snow off the pavements! Indeed, funny to think how a bit of snow slows things down for people not used to it. But then, once I was in California and a friend was having a Tupperware party... it rained and *no one* ventured out to her party!