Thursday, January 03, 2013

Baby/Toddler self feeding recipes

Jaiden is getting to the stage where he'd rather feed himself that be fed. (Well, unless you're feeding him from your bowl!)
Anyway, I've been on the search for recipes for things I can make ahead, stick in the freezer, and just grab and go, that would give him a variety of things to eat and not always be having the same thing.

I've not (at the time of writing on the 31st Dec) tried any of these yet, but they're on the to-do list, and I'll give some feedback when I have :)

Cheese twists (pastry)

Individual mac & cheese

Mini meatloaf

Veggie Pancakes 

A healthy muffin recipe where you can chose your add-ins 

Weelicious - a site where I found the pancake recipe, that I will pursue further.

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