Friday, January 04, 2013

Fighting the language barrier

I grew up calling what I have on my bed 'a duvet'. Menard, for some strange reason calls it 'the blanket'.

I have lost the battle with Sophia, cos she's learnt to call it the blanket too.

Today I was trying to teach Jaiden the word 'duvet'. Every time I said it he laughed histerically, with his gorgeous giggle.


"giggle giggle giggle"

 Hm, I'll call that progress, I think.

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Right As Rain Creations said...

To me, a duvet is a down comforter or other thick, fluff-filled bed covering. A bedspread is a thin bed covering that is the top layer for looks. A blanket is a warm covering that goes over the sheet but typically under a bedspread - and is what provides the actual warmth. You wouldn't need a blanket with a duvet, as goose down is usually quite warming enough.

However, I can't claim those as American definitions because I've heard others call them by different names as well.

Also - I say it "doo-VAY" but I've heard some people pronounce it "DOO-vee" so even when two people call one thing the same name, they can still manage to do it differently! LOL