Friday, January 18, 2013

Interrupting my blog challenge to say...

I've been doing lots of the 31 blog post challenge, but to be honest, I'm finding it a bit frustrating. Yes, it was nice to have a plan of what to write, but some of the prompts just didn't interest me much, or didn't take my post in a direction I wanted it to go. 

I'm also a bit frustrated about losing all my readers, or perhaps just all the commenters! (But I know how rubbish I am at commenting on other people's post, so I do understand).  So, I've decided that I won't totally abandon the challenge, but I'm putting it on hold a bit so I can say some of the other things I want to say. After all, this is my blog, I should get to chose what to write! (But prompts and challenges are useful sometimes!)

Have you noticed that I have actually blogged 21 posts, one a day, for 21 days (if my counting was correct!). That may be my longest blogging streak I've ever had.

*ballons, hats and party poppers all round*

Now since my almost 13 month old is alternating between trying to climb the bookcase and grabbing my arm to make me cuddle him, I it's time to get back to real life, but I'll be here again soon.

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Pigwotflies said...

Ha! Climb, JJ, climb!