Thursday, June 19, 2008

A random assortment of thoughts

Today I've been wearing my purple crocs. I'd take a picture of my feet in them, but my camera and computer aren't feeling friendly today. Which is why you're getting random thoughts instead of fun pictures of me and the kids playing at the park with my friend Jenny. I like them (the crocs, not the kids) because they are purple, and because I actually managed to find a pair that fit when I was in Tx, and having found them obviously had to buy them too!

This morning in the doctor's waiting room I was reading 'Mother and Baby' magazine. I will freely admit that if I had to pick one magazine out of all the magazines in the world, and I would only ever be allowed to read that, ever after, then Mother and Baby magazine would be that magazine. I think I got addicted when I discovered that they had a subscription in my school library. I was doing a 'child development' GCSE, which must have been the easiest GCSE for me ever, and thought they'd be good to read, and even though my friends scoffed, I enjoyed whiling away my spare time in there! I think I am just a sponge when it comes to things to do with babies or pregnancy or children or anything that's associated with those things. Ok, so I've never actually had a baby of my own, or even been pregnant, but, I'd like to think that I'm getting prepared for the 'one day' that I do ;-) Besides, I just find the magazine really really interesting. I've even been known to buy a copy of it for myself, just for fun. Who needs OK magazine or anything like that, when you can have Mother & Baby?!
(Just to clarify, I'm under no illusions that reading a magazine or even looking after other people kids can prepare you for what being a Mum is actually like, but it's a step in the right direction, right?!)

This afternoon (hmm, well it was before I had lunch, but after noon) I spent some time hacking at the tree/bush thing that is growing in our front garden. It's totally out of control and drives me crazy, so I decided, on the spur of the moment, to do something about it. So I did. And now my arms are really sore and itchy, but the garden looks a bit better!

The doctor gave me a steroid injection this morning, which will hopefully help to control my hayfever a little better. Because at the moment it's out of control, and my poor nose is getting sore with all the blowing!

Finally, and stop reading if you don't like TMI, but the doctor I saw yesterday at the hospital thought that there's a possibility that I may have another chest infection, so he's got me to give a sputum sample, so that they can check for infection, and if there is an infection, actually give me 'type-specific' antibiotics, rather than constantly throwing more broad spectrum ones into my body in the vain hope that they'll do something.


Kathleen said...

Just so you know, I have always loved parenting magazines, and read them before I had kids. Or was married. (there was an odd time when I was dating that I felt I had to hide this from Steve, because I thought it might look odd.)
I just think it's normal, if you're interested in child development. But you're right. It's the difference between theory and practice. But it's worse because I'm yelling and doing one thing and in my head I'm thinking "This is SO WRONG!"

Steroids... ugh.

Debbie said...

I love looking through baby name books. I remember thumbing through one at Bird & Brandi's house when I was babysitting back in the day. When they came home and caught me Brandi thought it was quite humorous and asked me if I had something to tell her!

Sarah said...

Think I'm going to have to start reading it soon!
Also love baby name books - giving me hours of amusement at the mo!!

Bud xx