Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm still alive

Yesterday I went out to my friend Angela's hen party. It was a great evening, and I had fun.
Today I'm feeling really tired and fragile, and life is just feeling hard. But I'll keep living it all the same.

*Sorry, meant to include trans-Atlantic translation, but I forgot. Hen party = bachelorette party. Stag party = bachelor party. Basically, the parties the bride and groom have with their friends a week or so before they get married. Make sense?


Stephine said...

what's a hen party?? :)

The King and I said...

Hey Debs,
the photos on facebook are so great. Thanks for putting them on so soon. Hpe you're feeling ok, and thanks for making the effort to come out even though you were ill. Have a good week. Will pray for you. Love Ang xx