Saturday, June 21, 2008

In the minority?

I've just been reading a small article in one of the bits of today's Times. Entitled "We've lost that loving feeling" it quotes stats (as collected by a survey of 2,000 people, by Andrex) suggesting that people in general just don't hug.
It claims that
65% of people try to avoid hugging where possible.
55% of people give two hugs a week.
Only 17% of people love hugging and give too many to count.

I definitely fall into the last category. I love love love hugs. Hugs make me feel loved, needed, special. Hugs connect you with a person more than words alone, or a quick handshake can do. Hugs break down barriers. Hugs can warm you up when you're cold, comfort you when you're upset, convey love, hope, and joy.

Me, I'm all about the hugs. And I ain't gonna change. Whatever else the rest of the world thinks about them.


Deanna said...

I'm with you. I grew up without hugs and the first time I received one from a neighbor I was 18 years old! I'm a big hugger now! My oldest daughter puts up with it and my youngest just eats them up! Here's hugs for you! Have a wonderful day!

Mrs Wibbs said...

Am with you too, sista
I LOVE hugs, and thrive on them!! Couldn't live without hugs
don't understand people who don't like them... sad really.

Speaking of which, I could do with a Debbie-Hug sometime soon???
But maaybe you're just too busy hugging other people right now??!? ;o)

(((((HUGE HUGS))))

Ann said...

I am so not a hugger. Wait, that's not really right. I like to hug, but it's not an often occurrence. I like to hug on my terms. I have certain friends that I hug whenever I say hi or bye, but other than that, no thanks.

If it's cold - I'll hug anyone.