Monday, July 16, 2007

Lunch on the beach

One of the cool things about being in Brighton, among many cool things (like worshiping God and everything) was sitting on the beach eating our lunch. This was taken on the first day I think, although I took one each day, so it's a little hard to tell! It was a little windy, but the weather was good, even if looks a bit dark in the sky above our heads. As I recall it was windy enough that the clouds were just blowing right over us, so the sun went in a bit, but came back again pretty quicky.
I'm not convinced that this is the best ever photo of me, but here we are , windswept hair and all. (L-R) Me, HP, Steve

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Debbie said...

Hey Debs!
I'm love to hear more abt the conference. I lived in Bedford for 6 months after university and attended and worked for a New Frontiers church -- The King's Arms Church. I absolutely loved it and miss it and plan to move back (hopefully next year; I've had to keep pushing it back). I'm actually going for a visit next week and am so excited!
Hope you're having a good week!